Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

We want our customers to find getting into crypto currency as simple and straight forward as possible. Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions, however if you still have a question, comment or suggestion, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Orders & Payments 

Solidi will supply you with our bank sort code and account number as well as a reference. You send Solidi the correct amount with the supplied reference using your Telephone, Internet or Mobile banking and click on the 'I have paid' button. When we receive the funds we will deposit them to your GBP account and use the funds to process any outstanding orders. The whole process is automated and should take less than a minute.
You can pay from almost any pound sterling (GBP) account at a UK based. Below is a list of banks we know work without issues:

Bank of Scotland
Clydesdale Bank
First Direct
Royal Bank of Scotland
Yorkshire Bank

Some banks have chosen to restrict how their customers can use their money and have blocked payments to crypto exchanges, including FCA registered exchanges such as Solidi. At Solidi, we believe you should be able to choose how you use your money and would recommend that you show your disapproval of such banks by switching to a better bank.

Banks which don't believe in personal freedom and free speech:

Starling Bank

These lists are a work in progress and we will add banks to each list as we confirm their status.
When you confirm an order, you create a legal contract with Solidi to buy or sell the specified amount of currency. You should be sure that you are able to pay before confirming an order. If you have a problem with an order you should contact Support.
We only guarantee prices for 30 minutes due to rapid changes in price and we cancel all unpaid orders after 30 minutes.
Sometimes payments are delayed for additional security checks by the banks involved. This is completely out of our control.

Unfortunately we can't hold a price indefinitely and so unpaid orders are cancelled after 30 minutes.

If your payment arrives after 30 minutes, it will be credited to your GBP/£/pounds balance. You can then simply re-order and on the 'Choose how you want to pay' screen select the 'Balance' option.
The Support team will need to manually process the payment and credit it to your account within a day. Repeatedly sending payments with the incorrect reference may result in a charge for manually crediting the payment. Please see the Fees page.
It is very unusual for payments to go missing. When this happens it is usually because of one of three reasons:

You've sent the incorrect amount, not included the correct reference or destination account name
Please check that you've included the reference, correct amount and the destination account name exactly as supplied. If you include anything other than the correct reference / account name then your payment will not process automatically and will require manual processing. If this is the case, please contact Support including your account email, the order ID and the reference. Support aim to resolve payment issues within 1 working day, but sometimes it can take up to 3 working days.

You've sent the payment from a bank which doesn't support Faster Payments
Please see our list of which banks you can use with Solidi.

Your bank has retained the payment for Fraud Prevention reasons
Sometimes, for your security, your bank's fraud systems will hold a payment for additional checks. The funds will have been removed from your account and be held by your bank. Unfortunately when banks do this, many do not contact the customer to let them know that this has happened. If you are sure you've used the correct reference, have paid from a bank which is in our compatible list, then the most likely explanation is that your bank has held onto the payment. Please contact your bank to confirm they have definitely sent the payment.

If none of the above apply then please contact Support so that we can investigate the issue.


The limits system is designed to keep your money safe and secure as well as complying with UK and EU legislation.

You start at Tier 1 and then by providing identity documents progress to Tier 2 and Tier 3, with higher more flexible limits.

Your limit (known as your 'Max Limit') is based on your tier level. See the Trading Limits for more info.

When you deposit funds to Solidi (such as when buying), this reduces your 'current/available limit'. Your 'current/available limit' increases each day until it reaches your 'Max Limit'.
Limits are increased nightly over the course of a month up to your maximum limit.

For example, if your full limit is £6000 per month, then every night your available limit will increase by £200 (£6000 monthly limit / 30 days).

If you wish your full limit to be increased to a higher Tier level then please contact support.


We offer 3 withdrawal speeds with different costs and FREE withdraws with larger purchases (see the Fees page):
  • Immediate - Normally sent in 10 minutes
  • High      - Sent in 2 hours
  • Low cost  - Sent in 8 hours.
For the exact costs of withdrawals, please see the Transfer or Fees page.


All payments sent in Bitcoin and Crypto are irreversible. If you sent a payment to the wrong address you will need to contact the address owner to get them to return the funds. This is the same as your bank will warn you when you send payments from your bank.
To keep costs down, on certain crypto currencies we batch up as many withdrawals as possible into a single transaction which is sent once every 8 hours (although often sooner). If you want to have your transaction broadcast sooner then we have a High priority and an Immediate withdrawal option.
To ensure that you get your currency as quickly as possible we don't broadcast withdrawals on any schedule - all of them are sent as soon as one transaction in the queue is 8 hours old - so you could potentially receive your funds minutes after submitting your withdrawal!

For example, if you submit at 12pm and there was a transaction submitted 7 hours earlier, then your transaction might go in only an hour - we don't hold it artificially for the full 8 hours. However, if you submit a transaction at 12pm and there are no other pending transactions (unlikely) it may be 8pm before your transaction is sent.

To get your funds to you even sooner, we will send Low Cost withdrawals in the same transaction as paid for withdrawals - so even if yours was the only transaction queued at 12pm (and so should ordinarily be sent at 8pm), it might be sent earlier when another customer pays for a faster withdrawal.

Consequently, while we'd like to be able to tell you when the Low Cost transactions are sent it is not that simple.

If you need a withdrawal in a specific timeframe then please choose either HIGH or IMMEDIATE priority.
The fee charged for the High priority withdrawal does not completely cover the cost of the withdrawal. Solidi will still attempt to batch together transactions, but we only batch 2 hours of transactions rather than 8 hours. It is basically a balance between getting your currency quicker, but without paying the full fee. If you need your currency sooner then you can pay for an Immediate withdrawal which is broadcast in 10 minutes.
Most exchanges / wallet providers will have a single address for Ripple deposits (it costs 20 XRP to activate a deposit address). To separate the funds of individual customers, a destination tag is used.

When sending Ripple to an exchange like Solidi, you generally must include a destination tag so that the funds can be correctly allocated to your account.

If you are sending Ripple to your own Ripple wallet on your phone or computer you usually do not need a destination tag.
You can withdraw any amount of Ripple so long as the address you are sending to is already activated.

To stop the Ripple network getting congested, Ripple addresses must be activated with a minimum of 20 XRP in the first send to that address. Once the address has been activated with a minimum of 20 XRP you can send any amount you want to that address.
Solidi has a security system which monitors the site for unusual activity. Your withdrawal can be held for a number of reasons including:
  • Exceeded maximum withdrawal limit.
  • Exceeded maximum daily withdrawal limit.
  • Unusual withdrawal activity.
  • Account issues.
When this happens, our support team are immediately alerted to it and should contact you within a couple of hours during the business day, if not sooner. Outside business hours we aim to respond within a day (but it's usually much quicker).


Crypto deposits usually need a number of 'confirms' to be classed as fully received. You can see the pending deposits on the Transaction History page. Once the required number of confirms are received then the deposit is credited to your account. This is usually in under an hour, but depends on the transaction fee paid and how busy the crypto network is.
This can happen for a couple of reasons. Normally deposits don't confirm due to the transaction fee being too low and the crypto network being busy - the transaction is simply not chosen as there are other more profitable transactions to confirm. Your transaction will confirm eventually, it just might take a day or two until the network fees drop back down.

You can check if the transaction has confirmed on the blockchain using a blockexplorer such as Simply paste your transaction ID in and check if it has confirmed.

If the transaction has confirmed then contact our Support team to investigate - provide the transaction ID.

If the transaction has not confirmed then it may be stuck. You need to contact the sender of the transaction to get it unstuck.

Solidi can help with large stuck transactions, but this is complicated to do, can be expensive and is not guaranteed to be successful. It is almost always easier to contact the sender and get them to correct the transaction fee.
This is a bank charge Solidi pays for each deposit. To ensure we can provide the best possible Crypto prices we don't include these costs in our prices.
Yes! You must use the detination tag when sending Ripple to Solidi.
No, it is not lost. You will need to send a message to Support with details of the amount and time that it was sent. Support will then investigate and attempt to recover the funds.

Please be aware that there is a standard fee (see Fees page) for this service and this can take up to a week to perform.


Auto Buy has no additional fees or a 'convenience' fee. You get the same great instant purchase rates as if you had purchased on the main Solidi website.
Auto Buy uses the same limits as your main Solidi account. Check your limits here.
You can add 2 currency codes after the Auto Buy reference before you hit the limit of 18 characters for the Faster Payments reference - but stay turned - we've got some exciting features coming soon!
Auto Buy, like Solidi, runs 24/7 and is entirely automated. If you send a payment at 3am on a Sunday morning, thats when you get your crypto.
Yes, absolutely! We've created guides for the most popular banks, but Auto Buy will work for all banks that support Faster Payments. If your bank doesn't have instructions then why not get in touch to help us make a guide for your bank! Click here to contact us!
Yes, absolutely! Its just not automatic.... you need to login to the website to withdraw.... but stay tuned for new features.