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The limits are explained on the limits page.
Limits are increased nightly over the course of a month up to your maximum limit. So if your limit is 10 BTC a month, then every night your limits will increase by 10 / 30 = 0.33333334 BTC. If you wish your limits to be increase, please contact support.
When you confirm a trade, you create a legal contract between yourself and the buyer. You should be sure that you are able to complete a trade (pay for it or receive funds for it) before confirming a trade. If you have a problem with a trade you should contact support.
We offer 3 withdrawal speeds with different costs:
  • Immediate - Normally sent in 10 minutes (free with purchase of £100 or more)
  • High - Sent in 2 hours (free with purchase of £20 or more)
  • FREE - Sent in 8 hours.
For the exact costs of withdrawals, please see the Transfer page.
Because Solidi is paying the network fees for your withdrawal we try to batch up as many withdrawals as possible into a single transaction to reduce the cost. If you want to have your transaction broadcast sooner then we have a High priority and an Immediate withdrawal option.
To ensure that you get your currency as quickly as possible we don't broadcast withdrawals on any schedule - all of them are sent as soon as one transaction in the queue is 8 hours old - so you could potentially receive your funds minutes after submitting your withdrawal!

For example, if you submit at 12pm and there was a transaction submitted 7 hours earlier, then your transaction might go in only an hour - we don't hold it artificially for the full 8 hours. However, if you submit a transaction at 12pm and there are no other pending transactions (unlikely) it may be 8pm before your transaction is sent.

To get your funds to you even sooner, we also will sometimes send FREE withdrawals in the same transaction as a paid for withdrawals - so even if yours was the only transaction queued at 12pm (and so should ordinarily be sent at 8pm), it might be sent earlier when another customer pays for a faster withdrawal.

Consequently, while we'd like to be able to tell you when the FREE transactions are sent it is not that simple.

If you need a withdrawal in a specific timeframe then please choose either HIGH or IMMEDIATE priority.
The fee charged for the High priority withdrawal does not completely cover the cost of the withdrawal. Solidi will still attempt to batch together transactions, but we only batch 2 hours of transactions rather than 8 hours. It is basically a balance between getting your currency quicker, but without paying the full fee. If you need your currency sooner then you can pay for an Immediate withdrawal which is broadcast in 10 minutes.
Solidi has a security system which monitors the site for unusual activity. Your withdrawal can be held for a number of reasons including:
  • Exceeded maximum withdrawal limit.
  • Exceeded maximum daily withdrawal limit.
  • Unusual withdrawal activity.
  • Account issues.
to list just a few reasons.
When this happens, our support team are immediately alerted to it and should contact your within a couple of hours during business hours, if not sooner. Out with business we aim to respond within a day (but it's usually much quicker).
Solidi automatically matches you with the best priced broker (a seller of currency). Solidi will supply you with the broker's payment details (bank sort code and account number) as well as a reference number. You send the broker the correct amount with the supplied reference using your Telephone, Internet or Mobile banking and click on the 'I have paid' button. When the broker receives the funds then they will inform Solidi who will release the currency to you.
You can pay from almost any pound sterling (GBP) account at a UK based bank which has Faster Payments and will send the payment instantly. Unfortunately not all banks properly support Faster Payments so below is a list we know work and which don't work or delay the payments to an extent that our brokers cannot work with them.

Banks we support
Bank of Scotland
Clydesdale Bank
First Direct
Royal Bank of Scotland
- removed July 2019 - see our blog post
Yorkshire Bank

Banks we do not support
TSB - security issues & fraudlent payments
Fidor Bank - payments take 2 hours during business hours - not send out with business hours
Moneese - payer information missing
Revolut - payments take too long to arrive, payer information can be missing

These lists are a work in progress and we will add banks to each list as we confirm their status.
It is very unusual for the broker to not receive your funds. When this happens it is usually because of one of three reasons:

You've sent the incorrect amount or you've not included the correct reference
Please check that you've included the reference number and the correct amount. If you include anything other than the correct reference number then your payment will not process automatically and will require the broker to search for it. If this is the case, please email including your account email, the order ID and the reference. Support will contact the broker and should be able to resolve the matter within 1 working day, but sometimes up to 3 working days.

You've sent the payment from a bank which doesn't support Faster Payments
Please see our list of which banks you can use with Solidi.

Your bank has retained the payment for Fraud Prevention reasons
Sometimes, for your security, your bank's fraud systems will hold a payment for additional checks - so the funds will have been removed from your account and be held by your bank. Unfortunately when banks do this, many do not contact the customer to let them know that this has happened. If you are sure you've used the correct reference, have paid from a bank which is in our compatible list, then the most likely explanation is that your bank has held onto the payment. Please contact your bank to confirm they have definitely sent the payment.

If none of the above apply then please email so that we can investigate the issue.
All Solidi's brokers are professional traders who have gone through Solidi's rigorous background and Identity Check process. A significant proportion of our brokers use brokering as their main source of income. As such it's highly unlikely that any broker would claim that they did not receive your funds and jeopardise their livelihoods.

To further prevent a broker attempting to commit fraud, Solidi holds all funds that the broker is trading in escrow. In the event that the broker attempted to dispute the receipt of funds, Solidi will work with both parties and the sending bank to track down the exact location of the missing funds.

When the location of the funds is ascertained then Solidi will release the escrowed funds to the rightful owner.

We would like to stress that this has never happened and at no point has Solidi ever had to arbitrate on a Customer-Broker dispute.
In short, they don't.

If you don't send the funds the brokers will generally cancel the trade and put the funds back on the market.

However, if you don't send the payment this will count against you. Brokers may only sell to customers who have a specific percentage of paid orders. If you don't pay for an order then your 'paid' order rate will decrease. Eventually you will get to the point where there may be no brokers prepared to sell to you - or where the only brokers prepared to sell to you will charge a significant premium.

You should be aware that when you agree to a purchase from a broker, you are entering a legal contract with the broker where by you are committed to pay for the order. If you then decide to back out of this contract it is up to the broker to cancel the trade. They are not obligated to do so and can choose to enforce the contract. Please only enter into trades for which you will pay for.