Fees should be read in conjunction to our terms and conditions to understand how and when they are applied.

Fee Notes
Buy Bitcoin (BTC) 0%
Sell Bitcoin (BTC) 0% Proceeds deposited to bank account free in 8 hours.
Deposit Bitcoin (BTC) Free
Immediate Withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) Free / 0.00020 BTC Free Immediate Withdraw with each purchase, otherwise standard fee applies.
High Speed Withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) 0.00010 BTC Sent in 2 hours *
Free Withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) Free Sent in 8 hours *
Cold Storage (BTC) Free All customer funds are held in cold storage, free of charge.
* Free and high-speed withdrawals are usually sent at the same time as Immediate Withdrawals and so will usually be sent long before the maximum time to send.

Trading Limits

We intentionally give low initial limits as we do not request identity documents. You can increase your limits by verifying your identity.

Limit Notes
Tier 1 £25 every 10 days New customers - email verified.
Tier 2 £37.5 every 10 days Mobile phone SMS verified.
Tier 3 £1000 per month Partial Identity check completed, proof of address verified.
Tier 4 £10000 per month Full Identity check completed.
Tier 5 No Limit Applications for Tier 5 evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact support.
Please note that lower limits will apply for customers who are under 18 years of age or whom we have not been able to completely verify their identity due to recent address change or insufficient credit history.