What is a broker?

Solidi is a broker backed exchange. Brokers buy and sell crypto 24 hours a day ensuring that there is always sufficient currency on Solidi for customers to buy.

Benefits of being a Solidi broker

Solidi is the most advance brokering platform in the UK with significant benefits for our brokers.

Completely Automated

Solidi's brokering platform is entirely automated. As long as you keep your account loaded with Bitcoin, you don't need to do anything further, the sales just flow in.

Automatic Buy Back

Our connections to other European exchanges ensure you can buy back Crypto from an overseas exchange instantly, enabling you to maintain your crypto position and avoid losses due to rapid market movement.

Best Bank Connections

Solidi's broker solution can connect to 13 UK banks - even if you've brokered on another platform and lost your bank accounts we can probably help you.

Fraud Free

Solidi's advanced fraud monitoring systems and Identity Checking ensures our platform is virtually fraud free. Our fraud is 100x lower than other platforms in the UK. This means our brokers don't lose bank accounts like on other platforms.

Requirements to be a broker

Brokering is not for everyone and requires some upfront commitment that makes it only suitable for those looking to buy and sell large volumes of crypto. If you simply want to sell some of your crypto then please use our Sell functionality.

Brokers need to understand Crypto or Trading

Ideally you've been in crypto for a few years, you understand how Bitcoin and other crypto works and you are passionate about crypto. Ideally you've already been a broker on other sites, or alternatively you've been a trader on traditional markets.

Brokers need to have Crypto and Funds to trade

You need crypto to sell and GBP to buy more crypto. We'd recommend brokers start with at least £2k in liquid funds, but most use more than this. Brokers need to commit to having at least £1000 per week available to sell.

Brokers need to commit to running the trading software 24 hours / day

For maximum profitability and for a smooth customer experience we expect brokers to run the Solidi trading software 24 hours a day.

Ready to become a Solidi Broker?

Email us at start@solidi.co to start the application.